Apple’s New iPad 3 Specifications And Features: A Complete Review

Here is a complete review of the New iPad, aka iPad 3, including tests, specifications and features. Some tests with the new tablet of Apple have been done by us and few have been collected from reliable tech sites. Below are the details about it: Retina Display of the New iPad
Let us start with the Retina Display part. Apple’s iPad 3 gotten ‘Retina HD Display’. This is the way how we first came to know about the New iPad. Retina display is the prime feature of the iDevice. It offers a resolution of 2048×153 pixel, which is 3.1 million pixels and far more than what predecessor iPad 2 offers. Seriously, it is blowing our imagination with a screen like never before.
As seen on : Apple new iPad 3 hands-on, Specifications, price, features & release date New iPad 3 Features Apples New iPad 3 Specifications And Features: A Complete Review A5X processor | Quad-Core GPU The processor used in the New iPad is A5X, not A6 as many of us thought of ahead of its unveiling. It has also got quad-core GPU that supports all the stunning display qualities. One can say the processor used in it is a powerhouse, having some outstanding features to support the camera too. New iPad got amazing battery life The tablet got 42.5 watt-hour battery of lithium polymer. You can easily surf the web on Wi-Fi, watch videos and listen music for at least 10 hours without putting the device on power to recharge. New iPad also got amazing sound impact The built-in speakers offer brilliant stereo effect. You can manually configure the sound adjustment to your preference or taste. Listening music on your 3.5 mm stereo headphone is something really, really outstanding. The tablet also comes with a 30-pin dock connector port. iOS 5.1 & Interface This is another update, long-awaited one of course. Rather to say that the new device has picked up the iOS story from where its predecessor left off. The home screen looks similar to the iPhones, but with larger icons. You can fill multiple home screens and can swipe from one to another. A dock at the bottom on display holds up to 6 frequently-used apps, and this can be seen on all the home screens. Creating of folders are also easy if you want lumping together apps. Just drag an icon and plop it on top of another. There is no much notable offering from iOS 5.1, but the notification bar can be accessed by just swiping from the screen top. Design of the New iPad Just… just marginal thicker, and slightly heavier than iPad 2. If you don’t have any knowledge of the iPad 2, you will be very much impressed with the thinness and weight of the New iPad. Oh yes, the entire design is also premium. It has got curved edges, aluminium chassis, oleophobic scratch-proof glass, feather-light frames and pretty sparse buttons. We thought the iconic home button will vanish, but it is back. Contacts There is a very thin line between a tablet and a large smartphone, especially with 5.3-inch screen of Samsung Galaxy Note. Apart from making phone call, the New iPad can do almost everything that its brother iPhone 4S can do. The contacts in it is laid out in proper address book format. At first those are faceless and you need to manually give a picture to each person. You can also sync those from Google. Oops, you can’t draw profile pictures to it from Twitter and Facebook. Internet With the addition of Retina Display the Internet browsing experience has improved. Now the screen really looks superb either if you are browsing heavy sites or simply some photos from the Web. It is far better than any previous tablets or smartphones. More to this, the speed of the Internet has definitely increased in Wi-Fi as well as in 3G connection. The lucky guys staying in the LTE-supported areas, United States and Canada right now, are getting the Internet really, really fast. Camera of the New iPad A move by Apple from 0.7MP to 5MP camera is one of the main upgrades in the new tablet. It features perfect photography by amateurs with f/24 aperture along with five-element lens. With just ‘tap to autofocus’ mode you can help yourself in correcting the exposure and sharpness levels of the image. To make snapping easy Apple has also made use of the volume key. There is no flash in it. The video camera can shoot in 1080p at up to 30 fps. The VGA front camera also manages the same fps. Media This is a good stuff. Media is one of the strong points of the New iPad. Music seemed core focus of Apple in the New iPad. You can experience it on the lock screen as well as in the multi-tasking pane. Oh yes, you can control the tunes of the music from anywhere within the system. The video quality is far better than standard definition TV. So far no tablet has been able to match the quality of full HD TV. This is the wow factor of course for the New iPad. Messaging & Mailing with the New iPad Messaging and emailing with the New iPad is simply brilliant. The email client on it is pretty good. The decent background makes work more simple while you are composing a mail. It has got unified inbox to allow you combine together work and personal life. Dictation Instead of Siri a dictation software is used in it. Although it is just 90% perfect in tests by some users, it is pretty good enough than normal keypad typing while writing an email. Well, Siri in the device would have been better. By now many might have already bought the New iPad and many are in the pipeline to collect the ordered product. Whatever be the phase, one thing to assure you all that the New iPad is the best product in the industry and it will surely offer complete satisfaction to you for all the $$$ you have spent for it. Every product has some pros and cons, but the New iPad is probably is full of pros if you are using a tablet for the first time. Yes. Meanwhile, do write in the below given comment box about your views, brief reviews or feedback about the iDevice. Also, if any other things related to the New iPad.